Welcome to my newest section, the long awaited Movie reveiws section! 

Time to review Rodan! 

This movie uses very few moments of specail effects but when used, the special effects were great! Rodan is one of the most famous kaiju, launching Rodan into an international icon! Toho's 50 movies were often Stand-Alone Giant monster movies, that had one kaiju destroying japanese cities. Isn't that uber awsome! Well Rodan was the 2nd best movie of the 50s (toho wise atleast) that featured great acting from thr one and only "screen legend" Kenji sahara! However the plot sucked! Yep I said the plot sucked. Cause, well, it did! Miners get killed by a giant bug and than one miner climbs a mountain and finds a dinosaur that has lived there since who knows when and all of a sudden this ancient dinosaur that has been there forever starts attacking Japan. with another dinosaur. Wow. Other than that I give this movie 4 atomic fireballs and I give classic media's DVD release of it 2.... It was just a movie on a disc.....

Sayonara for now!