The year is 1967. It is a cold harsh september. A pack of Hibernating Black moths had flew in to eat the remains of this years Kamakuras and Kumonga spawn, that had died under the snows of the winter. Eating was easiest this year because the humans that usually killed the Black moths were gone. The children Black moth had gone to play while the father hunts. The female however stayed and gaurded the food from any other inhabitants that were still alive. She looked over the horizen and saw an odd shelled creature. She called for her husband but had no reply. She fell asleep while gaurding the buffet of insects, only to wake up to the screams of fellow black moths. She flew towards the direction her spawn had traveled to, only to see terrified Black mothlings being protected by there father. Father moth flew towards the Kamoebas and was bitten on the neck while unleashing a terryfing scream. The Kamoebas dropped the Black moth father and looked towards the children only to be confronted by an angered mother who swooped past Kam and landed on his shell and began clawing a wound the father had left on the titainc turtle's neck. kamoebas used his constricting neck to bend back and headbutt the mighty mother moth. Kamoebas turned around clever twisting his neck to keep an eye on his dinner. The ravenous reptilian bodyslammed Black moth. Screaming Black moth crawled from under Kamoebas's straunful slam. Black moth bit on kamoebas's neck in a blind rage. kamoebas shook her off and bit black moth's chest. Kamoebas walked towards the pond of red water and threw black moth in. Now it was time for the children to be feasted upon.