King Ghidorah

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More monsters coming 

As our first reveiw, we present to you, Godzilla unleashed.

In this game many waited 3 years for, you probobly find moderate glitches. Aside from that a crystaline story, Introducing some guy that talks like Arnold Shwarchawhatever, General Gyozen. Gyozen is the pilot of the Atrogon wanting revenge on Godzilla*. The storyline, to our liking also has Dr.Shiragami (Godzilla VS Biolante) and new original monsters such as Krystalak and Obsidious, both very good Kaiju to play as. Here is a list of the top kaiju for the certain factions this game features


1. Megaguiras

2. SpaceGodzilla

3. Krystylak

4. Obsidious

5. Biolante

6. Titanosaurus

7. Destroyah


1. King Ghidorah

2. Mechagodzilla

3. Gigan

4. Megalon

5. Orga


1. Kiryu

2. M.K.G

3. Mogeura

4. Jet Jaquar

5. MechaGodzilla 2

Earth Defenders

1.Godzilla 1954

2.Godzilla 1990s


4.King Ceasar


6. Godzilla 2000

7. Anguiras

8. Varan

Here are secret finishers ( B+A+C)

Krystalak: Heart burst: Removes one square from your health but your opponents... More!

Megaguiras: HyperQueen: Gives massive speed with rapid fighting skills and agile movements, with no less but possibley more power then before!

Mothra: Transform: Transforms into Imago. Sheild: Ultimate projectile deflector! (only in use of Imago)

All finishers can only be used once per battle except Mothra Imagos

More finishers, reviews, ect coming soon